Prateik Chauhan

Poems & Narrations

I started off writing when I was very young when I got fascinated with power of words listening to old songs.  But soon got bored off it as I was not mature enough to express through words or perhaps I had very limited experiences or thoughts to share. Read more

Later, writer in me reincarnated and I again brushed my pen against paper finding peace in it. Now, I was mature, had experiences and memories to share, words to express. 

I chose to be entrepreneur and it keeps me busy with my enterprise work which becomes monotonous at times. I skip some time for my writing as it gives me relief and breaks monotony. 

Most of my writing initially was for bringing my thoughts out. What I feel, what I observe about things?  And hence the name " Soulogue" of my facebook page. It is a catalogue which takes you to my soul. As I kept writing I learnt and tried polishing my skills as poet. I got boost when people started  loving my writings on social media. It encouraged me to write more. I have limited public interactions as poet. Some public interactions I had were part of the opportunity given by Mehfil-bhopal : a group which organises poet nights giving young poets a platform to share their creations in public.

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